Who We Are

Safeside is a full-service provider of traffic control services. With our headquarter situated in Coquitlam, our business comprises BCCSA-certified professionals.
But that's far from the whole picture.
Although safety is at the heart of everything we do, we are well-aware of the bigger picture; i.e., to protect our customers. Our professionals protect the traveling public, so our infrastructures and communities are not only maintained but improved for a better and brighter tomorrow. So, ensure your safety with Safeside!

Our Core Values

-Safety: We take pride in our work can make the world a safer place, whether it's our clients, the general public, or our employees. Keeping everyone safe is our top priority.
-Innovation: Our professionals know that innovation plays a key role in the fundamental growth of our work. So, we consistently incorporate new processes to maximize the results of our operations.
-Professionalism: At Safeside, we understand that trust is a major part of our operations. So, our professionals develop long-lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships through utmost professionalism.