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New Westminster’s Traffic Control Initiatives: Promoting Sustainable Transportation And Reduced Congestion

By May 25, 2023No Comments

Are you tired of sitting in traffic for hours on end? Do you want to do your part to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable transportation choices? Look no further than New Westminster’s traffic control initiatives.

This city is committed to promoting a more efficient, environmentally friendly transportation system that benefits both its residents and the planet. To achieve this goal, New Westminster has implemented a variety of measures aimed at reducing congestion and encouraging active transportation options such as cycling and walking.

These initiatives include expanding cycling infrastructure, investing in public transit, implementing traffic calming measures, and promoting sustainable transportation choices. By making these changes, the city hopes to create a safer, healthier environment for all who live and work within its borders.

Expanding Cycling Infrastructure

By expanding the cycling infrastructure, there’s a potential to encourage and facilitate alternative methods of transportation while simultaneously reducing traffic congestion.

New Westminster has already implemented bike lanes and dedicated cycling routes throughout the city, but the plan is to continue expanding these initiatives. This includes adding more bike lanes on major roads, creating new cycling paths through parks and green spaces, and installing secure bike parking facilities in various locations.

Not only does this help reduce traffic congestion by promoting sustainable transportation options, but it also creates a healthier environment for residents. Cycling is an excellent form of exercise that can improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress levels, and boost overall well-being.

By promoting this mode of transportation through expanded infrastructure investment, New Westminster is taking important steps towards creating a more livable community for its residents.

Investing in Public Transit

You can improve your city’s transportation system by investing in public transit, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in traffic congestion and promote sustainable travel options.

Many cities have already implemented successful public transit systems that offer affordable and convenient alternatives to driving. By expanding bus routes, increasing the frequency of service, and providing incentives for using transit such as discounted passes or priority lanes during peak hours, more people may choose to leave their cars at home.

Investing in public transit not only benefits individual commuters but also has positive impacts on the environment and community as a whole. Reducing the number of cars on the road decreases air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Additionally, efficient public transit systems can connect people to job opportunities, education centers, healthcare facilities, and other essential services while reducing traffic-related accidents and improving overall safety.

In the next section, we’ll discuss how encouraging active transportation can further enhance your city’s efforts towards sustainable transportation solutions.

Encouraging Active Transportation

Get ready to feel the breeze in your hair and enjoy the outdoors while getting around by promoting active transportation options like walking, biking, or skating.

New Westminster has been encouraging residents to use sustainable modes of transportation through various initiatives such as building bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly streets. With its walkable neighborhoods and scenic routes, it’s never been easier to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.

Not only does active transportation promote a healthier lifestyle, but it also helps reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. The city has also implemented programs like bike sharing services and provided secure bicycle parking facilities to make cycling a viable option for commuters.

By prioritizing active transportation over single-occupancy vehicles, New Westminster is making a significant step towards creating a more sustainable future for its citizens.

Up next, we’ll take a look at how implementing traffic calming measures can further improve road safety in the city.

Implementing Traffic Calming Measures

If you’ve ever felt uneasy about speeding cars in your neighborhood, it’s time to look into implementing traffic calming measures that prioritize safety for all road users.

The City of New Westminster has worked towards creating safer streets by installing speed humps, curb extensions, and roundabouts. Speed humps are raised sections of the road that force drivers to slow down to a safe speed limit while curb extensions reduce the distance pedestrians have to cross at intersections. Roundabouts are circular intersections where vehicles travel around a central island in one direction and give way to other motorists before entering.

Traffic calming measures not only increase safety but also improve walkability and encourage active transportation like walking or cycling. By slowing down vehicle speeds, drivers become more aware of their surroundings allowing them to anticipate potential hazards better.

This creates a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists who share the road with motor vehicles. Furthermore, these measures promote sustainable transportation choices as they make walking or cycling more attractive options for short trips instead of driving.

Promoting Sustainable Transportation Choices

Let’s talk about how we can make our city more eco-friendly by encouraging sustainable transportation choices.

Using public transit, biking, or walking are all great ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our city. The City of New Westminster has implemented several initiatives to promote sustainable transportation options and reduce traffic congestion.

One example is the installation of bike lanes along major roads, which makes cycling a safer and more attractive option for commuters.

Additionally, the city has introduced car-sharing programs like Modo and Evo to encourage residents to share vehicles instead of owning their own cars. These initiatives not only benefit the environment but also promote healthy living and save money on gas expenses.

By choosing sustainable transportation options, we can contribute towards making New Westminster a greener and more livable city for everyone.


So there you have it, the various traffic control initiatives that New Westminster has implemented to promote sustainable transportation and reduce congestion.

By expanding cycling infrastructure, investing in public transit, and encouraging active transportation, the city is taking important steps towards a greener future.

Implementing traffic calming measures and promoting sustainable transportation choices are additional ways the city is making it easier for people to choose alternative modes of transportation over single occupancy vehicles.

By doing so, New Westminster is not only reducing traffic congestion but also contributing towards cleaner air and a healthier community.

So let’s continue to support these initiatives and do our part in creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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